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Data management
for all your needs

The all-in-one product.
Convertible, user-friendly, modern, simple.

Modesk is a mobile, modern software solution that, because it is web-based, can be used from anywhere in the world via the Internet, adapts precisely to your needs in your everyday work and makes many different tools and licences superfluous.

Responsive Editing

Maximize your control and create intricate responsive layouts with the ability to control settings uniquely per each device viewport.


Global Sections

The easy way to manage a section that you place on multiple pages of your site. Edits made in one location will instantly reflect in all instances where the section is used.


Lottie Integration

Tap into a vast library of free, beautiful animations or create your own using Adobe After Effects.

Mega Menu Builder

Build gorgeous megamenus with columns, images, icons, and buttons all through an easy interface.

Search With Substance

Advanced AJAX search functionality with multiple layout options that are capable of bringing up results in real-time.